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Thread: Salmon Problems Escalate in Greenland

  1. Default Salmon Problems Escalate in Greenland

    Atlantic Salmon Federation News

    ASF's Review of Atlantic salmon numbers is news, even in Iceland
    Concerns are being felt throughout the North Atlantic for the low North American returns experienced in 2012. A short version published in Reykjavik covers the main points. Read more:

    NASCO Meeting Fails to Prevent Escalating Greenland Fishery
    Meetings in Ireland failed to stop Greenland from ramping up salmon quotas and introducing factory sales for the first time in a long time. Read more:

    ASF's Sue Scott Provided Perspective
    ASF's Sue Scott delivered the address of the non-governmental organizations, and gave a Radio Interview to Newfoundland from Ireland on the issues, set against the backdrop of declines in salmon populations in Canada.

    ASF President Bill Taylor Provides Overview of Disappointing NASCO Decisions on CBC's AS IT HAPPENS
    Bill Taylor gives a radio interview that both details the decisions, and outlines what we need to do to turn things around.

    Another good interview:

    BACKGROUNDER on State-of-the-Population 2013
    ASF's 2-page backgrounder on the State of the Populations in 2013 is available on its website at:

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    That truly is a damn shame.

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