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Thread: Hackle twisting

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    I would like to ask you to view Han's tying video again. What I want you to watch is when he is wrapping the hackle. Anytime you make one revolution of anything (garden hose, vac cord, etc.) you put a twist into the item which is why when you let your bobbin holder hang down, it whirls around in a circle. Every wrap of thread puts a twist into the thread. If you will watch what Hans does when wrapping the hackle, you will see him rolling the hackle tool he uses as he is wrapping. This "roll" takes the twist out of the hackle as he goes around the hook shank and helps you to keep the hackle pointing towards the back of the hook like you want it. The hackle tool he uses, which I also prefer, makes it easy to "roll" the hackle around the hook to keep the twist out.

    Just thought I would throw this out there and hope it makes sense......

    When I watch a tying video, I am watching more on how a person uses the tools and I learn a lot about tying that way.
    Fly fishing and fly tying are two things that I do, and when I am doing them, they are the only 2 things I think about. They clear my mind.

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    Hi Warren,
    I did exactly as you have suggested before I read this! But I do know who is the smarter one here is, not me! I have successfully, at least better, done some soft hackle flies. If I'm not afraid of getting this server in trouble for indecent photography, I'll try posting some before I take off for a few days. But, I do think, again many thanks to everyone, that I'm getting it. The last 6 or so flies look much better than the first 12!

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