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Thread: The Best Big Stream Big Fish Fixed Line Rods Available

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    Because of the added leverage big fish have to use against you on the longer fixed line rods, using a two-hand hold while fighting big fish was necessary for me even with the 12 foot Iwana and 13.5 foot Amago rods. One of the things I really like about the Diawa 43 MF is the bigger diameter of the butt blank that the corkless gripped Keriyu rods tend to have, which is much more comfortable to use in the two-handed fish fighting mode. Another added advantage is the additional hoop strength that the fatter butt blank automatically picks up over the skinny butted cork grip rod blanks on the Tenkara rods, which are far more likely to break right above your upper hand if the rod is gripped tightly and a big fish makes a lunge for freedom and no line is given.

    On big fish on light tippets with fixed line rods and what may be possible, Lee Wulff once got a 150 Lb. Sailfish up to the boat on 4Lb test line. The deck hand grabbed the shock tippet with his gloved hand instead of gaffing the fish outright, and the fish broke the line just above the shock tippet with a sudden lunge that nearly pulled the deck hand into the water. Granted this was with a rod with a drag equipped reel on it, and plenty of line to let the fish run. But 4 Lb. test line bringing a fish of that type and size up to a boat is still a huge accomplishment. I believe some far bigger fish than is believed possible can be brought to net or hand than is commonly believed with fixed line rods. Steelhead on 5X? Probably not. On 3X and heavier up to the limit of what the above mentioned rods can handle, I believe much more is possible. Steelhead and salmon may not be out of the realm of doable with those rods.
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