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My right knee was a bit sore yesterday for no reason, just annoying. Woke up this morning and it was in no mood to bend!! I could walk just fine but it did not want to bend! Going up stairs was very painful, it hurt to sit down or even stand up! Took 2 Aleve and it is ok, for now! See what happens in the morning. It's a bitch to get old!! This is just something new.
Well Jack, be thankful that the Aleve helped. I had knee surgery two weeks ago because I tore my meniscus last Oct and I had to crawl back to the car a couple of times when wading the creeks. And when the doc was in there playing around he found I'd torn the other one two so I got two repaired for the price for one.

Downside is I haven't wet a line this year and looks like it will be a while yet.