Tried the bream again this evening. Got to the pond at 4:00 - caught fish on the first 3 casts and they kept bitting for about an hour. Missed or lost only a few fish - did much better per hook up. Caught 16 mostly subsurface and then they turned off although I could see fish in the clear shallow water. Still they would nip at my floating spiders but not take them and once in a while I would get a bump on the wets but no takes. When bream git picky on your favorite flies what do you try - different colors, different size, etc.? What retrieves work best for you? This is my 3rd season fly fishing and I had to figure it out as best I could. I am self taught so I'm sure my casting is terrible but I still catch a few fish usually. I tie my own flies - simple stuff that look crude but usually the fish don't care. I am 77 so I got into fly fishing late but I really enjoy it and work hard trying to catch fish. Any tricks or special techniques you can suggest that will help catch more fish will be appreciated. Thanks for the help you have already given me. Guy