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Thread: Miissing Strikes and Losing Fish

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    Default Miissing Strikes and Losing Fish

    This evening I tried a local pond for a couple of hours and managed to catch 15 good sized bream - the best I have done this spring. But had the worse day ever missing fish. Probably had 20 strikes where I failed to hook fish and also lost at least that many fish that seemed to be well hooked. Fished mostly with # 10 and 12 sponge spiders. Used my 3 wt. with 5 ft. of 8# for a leader. My hooks are sharp and barbs pinched down. Need suggestions on how to hook and land more fish. I release all fish but still want to land them.

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    I cannot answer your question, but, I did want to welcome you to FAOL from Tennessee. I like using sponge spiders and tie most of mine on the hopper style hooks in sizes 6 and 8.

    Welcome aboard and enjoy.....
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    My friend, I would guess you are getting some strikes on legs and I have more LDR's (long distance releases) when I smash my barbs down. As Warren said welcome to the neighborhood. I just got back from calling on some prospects and visiting the family in south LA, unfortunately the rain kept my fly rod in my pickup. I need to find a good pattern for mullet before I go back. Just a fun thought I had, several years ago my buddy kept missing fish. He finally stripped his fly in the line was wrapped around and it was basically backward.
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    I would almost guarantee you that they are nipping at the legs and pulling the fly under, and they're nowhere near the hook! That is why I am not a huge top water fisherman for bream/bluegills. I will switch to a small unweighted or lightly weighted streamer and strip it just under the surface and catch the same fish that tail/leg nip my spiders.
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    I agree with the bluegills hitting the legs. One reason why the legs n my popers and such are shorter than what you buy.
    You also may just be barely lip hooking some of the bluegills. Loose them after a few seconds.
    Agree with going with a subsurface fly.


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    I agree with Rick. Gills can get "nippy" and hard to catch on the surface. When this happens I add a dropper to the popper and hookups increase. It is weird because the gills are totally unpredictable if they are in the nippy mode or the actual "bite hard" mode. Don't over-analyze your technique. If the gills really want the fly, they will do more then just nip at it.

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