Thought you guys might like to see what the latest project I have been working on is.

For about 3-4 years now I have wanted to build onto my basement shop by making and office one the other side of the shop wall. Seems I never had a chance to do it because I never could free up enough time to tackle the years upon years worth of "stuff" that was stored on the other half of the basement. Finally the week between Christmas and New Years last month I had a free week to get started so figured I'd start doing it a little at a time.

I wish I would have taken a picture before I even started on it because you literally could not see the wall, floor or even the ceiling. Stuff was so packed in there that it was actually floor to ceiling and wall to wall. So the first two pics were taken after I was already 50% down with hauling stuff out.

The next two pics are after hauling 92 bags! of trash up the stairs and out to the trash (yeah I got my workout for that week!) Also demoed the wood table and ceiling decortive wood 1970's style "things" that were built in about the old table, have the old ceiling tiles down and a few other things.

Plans for it are to finish ripping up the old floor tiles and put down a new floor. Ceiling tiles I already removed so have to decide what I want and install a new ceiling. I am going to build a new wall to section the office off into a square room that is about 13ft x 13ft in size. Then drywall the entire room, paint and such and then get a nice desk to go against the new wall I will be building...but here is the part I am most excited about. I already have bought a 7ft wide x 31" tall 265 Gallon aquarium which I am picking up in 2 weeks and I plan to build it "into" the new wall so it sits flush with the wall next to my desk B) Then if you guys remember how I made the rock background for my other aquariums with foam and drylok? well I plan to not only do that on this new 7ft aquarium...but I am going to do the entire wall that I am building the aquarium into the same way. So in other words the wall with the aquarium will look like a 3D rock wall, like a cave or side of a cliff. So my office will truly be the Bat Cave

Gonna take some time as well as a ton of work so it will be somewhat of a slow go, but I will update more pics as I progress with the project.

Lots of work to do now because I am building the office around the tank so I couldn't start any building till the tank was in position. Now I plane to build a wall flush with the front of the tank so you won't see anything but the front glass flush with the wall (i.e- built in) then I will make a 7ft 3D background for this tank like I did on my other smaller tanks. I'll be putting in new flooring, new ceiling, drywall, painting, office desk, computer etc etc. Should be one hell of a cool home office when it is done.

Here is the monster sitting in place. It's 7ft long x 2ft wide x 31" tall. It takes up almost the whole width of the basement with just enough room to put a door next to it thankfully.