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Thread: Green Drakes ...

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    Arrow Green Drakes ...

    ... will be out and about shortly, if they have not already made the scene.

    Duck's Green Drake was a breakthrough original for me last year that served me well on my home water for over two months starting in early June.

    This was the first fly that I tied using a viable and easily repeatable technique to incorporate tails ( three moose hairs ) in an extended body furled from antron. It also uses the 9DH hackling method to create both a representative green drake profile ...

    ... and a pretty realistic silhouette from the fishies' point of view ...

    This guy was one of the late comers to the party, taking the fly in mid July ...

    ... and this guy wasn't all that happy about mistaking it for a food item in mid August ...

    Lots of mileage out of that pattern last year, and looking forward to another good summer with it.

    For the "step by step" follow the link to the FOTW article.


    The basic pattern, with appropriate color changes, sized down nicely to Mahogany Duns and BWOs later in the year. And it should size up nicely for a really big fly like the Hex.

    The fish are always right.

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    I hope to hit the big Green Drakes on the Ranch in Last Chance in mid-late June. The hatch has been light and sporadic the last couple years and never lasts very long there,,,,,,,,

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    John - great looking fly. I really like the tail configuration, well done.
    Doug... a.k.a. 55dougie


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    Looks like another one to add to my fly box. Beautiful trout you caught using the fly, congrats.

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    A slick little pattern. I will have to work a few of those out on the bench.

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