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Thread: Are ytur crappie spawning?

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    Default Are ytur crappie spawning?

    Here it is the first of June. Crappie I caught today still had the eggs in them.
    Maybe the water is to dirty for them to spawn.


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    Ours were done a week or two ago. The bluegills are working on beds now, and very aggressive!
    The Green Hornet strikes again!!!

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    just read a comment on the post spawn fishing here in the south, and someone made the comment they don't all spawn at the same time, so guess its' moving north so to speak.

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    Here in SC the major spawn is over but there are blacks with some eggs and the whites are still being caught with full sacks. Been a strange year for the spawn.

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    In one of the local ponds, there are more crappies sitting on nests than bluegills. Some of the females still look full of eggs. The female bluegills are all fat with eggs.
    I can't remember when the crappies have sat on nests this long, or this late in the year!
    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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