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Thread: A Note Of Thanks To One & All...

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    Default A Note Of Thanks To One & All...

    To all of those who sent me "birthday wishes" e-mails on May 30th, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks. Just making it to the big "60" after my original prognosis gave me 24-36 months to live some 15+ years ago has been a journey-- sometimes arduous, oft times enjoyable, but always enlightening. And, along the way, I've been three times blessed-- a strong, supportive and loving family, a solid core group of friends near and far, and a giant heaping of faith. Throughout my travels along this path, I've never walked alone...

    Again, thank you for taking the time... and remembering...

    Jerry, hairwing530, aka "The Saged(?) One

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    And to you Jerry, at least 15 more! The BIG 60, as I've found is not as bad as I thought - now!

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    Life's not always a bed of roses but the ones you take the time to stop and smell are really sweet. May you have the time to smell dozens more. God bless you.

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    Happy belated birthday to you Jerry. May you enjoy many many more trips around the sun.
    Trout don't speak Latin.

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