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    Good luck then. Most fly fishing clubs have sub-groups. Like Spey casters or single handed casters, or trout fishers or Steelheaders, bassers, you name it. We fly fishers have very diversified styles and target fish but we all get along with each other and sitting around a table shooting the breeze and telling stories is something that everyone likes to do.

    By the way, if you are in the area of West Yellowstone this late September for the FFF Fly Fishing Fair, an excellent Tenkara instructor/artist/author/fly tyer/ and over all fantastic person is going to be giving a class on Tenkara 'Fishing In Small Streams', that person being Misako Ishimura.

    Also, Craig Mathews will be giving a class on 'Fall Tenkara on the Firehole'.

    A couple good on the water classes.

    Larry ---sagefisher---
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