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Thread: Recommendations On a Wing Burner for This Fly?

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    AlanB and Allan,

    Thanks for the info and feedback. The fly I was given has the wings burned, not cut. The picture posted was the only "on-line" resource that showed a good representation of the finished fly.

    My original issue was trying to find a "pre-made" burner that fit this particular profile. That doesn't look like it's going to be something commercially available. So, that means I get to play around with trying to make some burners. The popsicle stick idea seems to be the best method to work on getting a final shape and pattern. If it becomes a fly I want to tie a lot of then I can go to either a brass or hacksaw blade style burner. Another challenge was the need for the various size ranges, my preference only, as the fly I'm using as the "copy model" is a 14.

    I'm with you on the need to have balanced wings and I understand the challenge this presents when it comes to trying to cut them.

    I do appreciate the tip on sandwiching the feathers and papers. Great tip!
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