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Thread: Recommendations On a Wing Burner for This Fly?

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    Default Recommendations On a Wing Burner for This Fly?

    I'm looking to reproduce a fly given to me by a nice fellow I met while fishing Pine Creek in PA a few weeks ago. I found one, and only once, reference to this pattern on the internet and it's at this link

    This version, tied by Fred Bridge, is a really good representation of the fly given to me. The bulk of the materials are basic and things I've got in stock. What I'm finding challenging is the profile of the spent wings. I attempted to contact Mr. Bridge and naturally the e-mail in this article is no longer active. I've tried to look at all the commercially available options for wing burners and haven't seen anything that I'd say is a good match.

    So, if you have any thoughts or opinions on how to recreate this particular wing profile and where I could get a burner that matches or can be modified to match, I'd appreciate it.

    Here's a picture copied from the link above if that helps any. I'm looking for something that can reproduce this wing pattern in sizes 10 - 16 range.

    Pine Creek Special.jpg

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