Long time since I posted, due to our baby being born (3months old on June 3rd, tomorrow), but I wanted to chime in with info that I'm sure has to have been mentioned before in a different thread somewhere, but I felt was worth restating (especially since I couldn't find it in a search). Running a dryer sheet over the bucktail section about to be clipped, just prior to clipping a section for stacking, has helped me out tremendously. Of course, clearing the minimal underfur from the butt ends helps as well, and pre-hand-stacking before using a hair stacker has helped as well. Might just be a coincidence, but I've found that all materials, not just bucktail, sticks less in plastic hair stackers versus the more readily available (in fly shops I frequent, at least) metal hair stackers. I've no experience with other device makeups (i.e. wood hair stackers, etc), so I can't speak one way or the other on those.

Just my experience, hoping to help. Your results may vary.
Best of luck, and tight wraps,