I think all of us like to think we have an above average ability to detect the lightest takes of the smallest fish. That video sure shows how wrong we are. I like to think there are at least a couple of times I'd have set the hook on those drifts but maybe not. From my years of jig fishing I really got to a point where I'd instinctively set the hook on a fish that I never really "felt" but more of a sixth sense. I could do the same with big trout and salmon while dead drifting egg flys and attractors. I found out on returning to stream fishing last fall for first time in years that those trout just don't give me the same opportunity to sense a take like jig fishing does. I can't believe how many fish I missed last fall river fishing. On the good side is I did detect a lot of the takes I missed but just didn't get hooks in quick enough. Rolled a lot of fish without way too many misses.