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If you have a dealer close by, you could take one out on a demo. I love my Frontier 12 and really enjoy it. I located an older jet ski trailer at one of our local marinas and it needed sanding, lights and re-wiring. The dealer told me if I would take it "as is" I could have it for $200. I took it and wire wheeled the frame, repainted it, re-wired it and installed new lights plus picked up 2 new tires on rims at our local Wal-Mart and it is working out great.
None right next door, there is a dealer in Murphy NC that's an hour away. I've already got the Ride 115 and a Pungo 120 hanging in the garage (LOL) wife just looks the other way. I can stand in the Ride 115, I just need some more practice at the "standing" part. The higher seat in the Frontier is appealing, and you can change the seating around depending on the activity or type of fishing. The seating in the WS yaks are very comfy, but being able to move about even easier is appealing. (sound of rusty wheels grinding again)