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Thread: Carnage Hopper (variation) SBS

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    Default Carnage Hopper (variation) SBS

    hook - Dai Riki 280 #8
    thread - UTC 140 tan
    body/head - 2mm foam
    underwing - landscape fabric
    wing - elk hair
    legs - rubber medium tan barred
    eyes - foam cylinder
    indicator - 2mm foam

    Made a few changes to Adam Trina's original, mainly in the construction of the head (found it easier to work with the folded foam as opposed to the chunk of 6mm). The spiral-wrapped body is a pretty interesting design (love the segmentation effect); not really hard to do as long as you coat the needle with something to keep the foam from sticking. Vary the size of the needle (swiped a darning needle from my wife for this fly) and foam thickness based on the size of the bug. I used 2mm because I wanted a chunky bodied-hopper look; 1mm and .5mm razor foam may be better alternatives for smaller hoppers/stoneflies.

    Part 1

    Insert needle in vise

    poke a hole in a strip of foam (hook gap width)

    and slide on the needle (you'll want that tag end to hold onto)

    didn't have any wax so I used a liberal application of Mucilin to coat the needle

    brush Super Glue on about 3" of the foam

    grab the tag end and spiral the foam up the needle; try to make the turns uniform in spacing and tension (for a fat body like this, I don't pull too hard)

    continue wrapping a few more turns; hold for a sec until the glue sets

    then slide the body off the hook; trim tag end

    mash the hook barb, insert in vise and wrap thread to hook point

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