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Thread: Trying to identify an older Orvis graphite Fly rod...

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    Default Trying to identify an older Orvis graphite Fly rod...

    Hi All,
    I am a newbie to the forum, But been building and restoring all types of fishing rods for over 30 years. A few months ago, My wife (Avvid Fly angler) purchased an (alledged) Orvis graphite. THERE IS NOTHING on the blank to support the claim, But the butt cap is stamped with the following information:
    8 3 1/2 oz
    Graphite II

    The Letters were filled with White Paint or similar. It looked like it was stamped with a machine, rather than a hand engraving.

    There is an engraved top cap to the Aluminum (?) rod case, some guys name and under it says Orivis Graphite II, It looked like someone had an engraving company do the lettering on the rod case.

    the reel seat is metal and appears to be black anodized or similar finish. the blank is certainly graphite- dark Charcoal in color, and typical appearence for a graphite blank. the Handle is cork, and WHOEVER made it used Very Very good quality cork. THE WRAPPING IS MINIMALIST, simple, and whoever did the finish had no clue that there is color preservative available and suggested when wrapping non NPC thread

    She wanted the rod re wrapped. the s guides are in perfect shape, but the stripper is a simple metal type, no Fuji type guide. Looks like an old fashoined bait caster or small boat rod type. My gut says someone either rebuilt the rod, or purchased a "kit" -the seat and handle installed- you wrap it yourself.

    I was hoping someone may be able to give me some insight on the history or origins of this blank. It is a excellent performer- handles a very wide range or flies- From small dry flies to medium bass poppers! Like I said, its typical looking dark charcoal in color with that slight opaque look , cork handle, and black metal reel seat/but cap. it's a 2 Piece rod 8.5 ft long and very light.

    If I can at least verify the blank is indeed an Orvis, I would be happy. My Wife would be disappointed if the former owner simply swiped a butt cap from a broken rod and used it on this one. -Kind of like the guys who buy the "trail rated" badge for a Jeep that is not supposed to have it- or the Rubicon name on a base Jeep Wrangler's hood..

    thanks for any insight!-Will be happy to post photos of its current state if that would help.

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    Pictures would help a lot.
    -pictures of the butt cap
    -pictures of the reel seat and grip
    -pictures of the blank just ahead of the grip
    -pictures of the ferrules
    -pictures of some of the wraps and guides

    Orvis used the same blank on a few different model rods. i.e. The old Rocky Mountain 7'9" was the same as their Superfine 7'9" Far & Fine blank. The hardware and cosmetics were different.

    Also, is there a line weight designation on the rod?

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