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Very, very nice story and pics that accompanied it. Good stuff! That bear looks big to me as well; can't imagine one 10 foot plus. I actually got goose bumps when I first saw the bear and your son standing alongside. Wow! What a hunt!
Riley has had quite a time getting a brown bear and in dealing with them. On his first black bear they had a snow squall come in immediately after shooting. When the squall passed they found the black bear just as a brown bear showed up looking for a handout. They backed out for a while and then went back and the brown bear was gone. They quickly butchered the black bear and headed down the mountain. Almost immediately below they found where the brown bear had been pacing while they worked. They got to the road well after dark.

Another time he drew the tag for the next unit north of this years and weather prevented us from even leaving the harbor for over a week.

He has paid his dues and this is the first big game animal he has shot which was "easy." So far he has shot brown bear, moose, Sitka deer, black bear, and caribou and is just 19.