Well, finally got a little bit of uploading done...

Riley with his bear. The land in the background is Raspberry Island and the point on the left end of it is the SW corner. Not far out of the picture to the right on Raspberry is Onion Bay. Raspberry has a large herd of Roosevelt elk. Almost all of Kodiak's mammals are transplants as there were only bears, bats, and voles there before the introduction programs of the 1940s. They planted mountain goat, Sitka blacktail deer, elk, caribou, marten, red squirrels, fox, beaver, muskrat, ptarmigan, and ermine successfully, while transplants of dall sheep, moose, pheasant, and mink failed.

Riley working on the skull... The chip in the nuchal crest is visible, just to the right of center at the very back end of the skull.

The bone fragment from the nuchal crest and the bullet as found.

A view showing how steep it is to get off the beach