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    Part 2

    two feet visibility. not going in much deeper; river's honkin along pretty good and the softer water along the banks looks to be the place for dries

    started with a big orange thing, got 1 refusal and a toilet-flush rise that I was late on. saw a few skwalas crawling around so switched out and started hooking up; browns, nothing heroic but nice and caught the way Tom Whiting and the guy who invented craft foam intended

    move downstream a bit, skwala seems to be losing it's edge. look up, see the swallows going crazy and the first of the armored hummingbirds make their appearance; switch back to the orange thing and for 4 hours life is very good. browns and 'bows, none of the run-ups but bigger than anything I normally see on this water

    beating around the bushes

    I feel like a peeping Tom

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