Continuing the search for some clear, running water. Guy in the local flyshop lets on that a stream just down the road (relatively speaking) is high, but clean and THE big bugs are coming off. I file that away as probable B.S.; why would someone tell that to a perfect stranger unless he?s running a misdirection or is planning to jump me on the stream, steal my sorry collection of gear and bury my remains in a shallow grave along the Interstate? After the tailwater adventure of the previous day, though, some action a bit closer to home base seems in order and the chance to toss some topwater stuff seals the deal.

Part 1

More like bwo weather but you take what you get

different kind of speed goat, 1970 vintage (I think)

pretty valley

upper reaches are clear, as advertised; 2 more days and they?re fishable, too

a little farther down; looks good, but still not legal

starting the countdown

someone?s got a problem with 19

the magic number