Opening day for the general season so time for a shot at some well-rested water.

Welcoming committee

I've only fished here in the summer, half the time under Hoot Owl restrictions. Always considered it a good place to spend a day fishing dries, catching some browns; nothing spectacular but fun. Good flows, the time off from fishing pressure and some stream improvements that seem to be taking hold made it like fishing completely different water (more than a few places here where you could float your hat)

Some very nice fish, all willing to look up

Fished skwalas the whole time up here (undersized by one; these were all tied on #10's and the naturals were a bit larger)

didn't see any crawling around, but there were lots of shucks in the bushes and the fish seemed to have retained memory of them

a bit further down found a real good March Brown hatch coming off and fish on station

kept the skwala on just to see and they seemed fine with that; picked up the first 'bow of the day and one confused-looking brookie

big bug water

stream had a bit of color from 2 days of rain; only saw a few of the bugs in the air, not many in the bushes but the fish were still willing

switched to a different fly from the Rogue I'd used the other day to see if
a. it would catch fish
2. it would stand the abuse

yes on both counts; this one took a pretty good beating and held up well

Surface action shut down around 6, my cue to head back to the barn.

Best corndogs ever

county fair's not 'till late August, may have to hit it earlier; there's a monster truck event or the Rock Chuck show coming up that look interesting