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Thread: New go to fly

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    Well I was tying and came up with a twist on the saski kebari style. Instead of the normal hen hackle I used the after-shaft. I used black thread and then tied in the after-shaft in a reverse hackle position. The local panfish tore it up down on the creek. I'm not sure what they liked about it but you can't argue with success.
    So what is y'alls go to fly?

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    After shaft? Could you maybe post a picture of your fly?

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    Wish I could but I don't have a good set up to take pics with. Never turn out very good. The after shaft is just a down feather that attaches near the bottom/ skin side of the hackle. Look around the edges of the skin under the hackles. All birds have them. If you want P.M. me and I maybe could send ya a couple.

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    Best picture I could get using my phone.

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