Backbeach; Although I am not a lover of thinning any epoxy, it is not a crime to do so, for some builders thin using acetone to get the thinnist epoxy which is used as a primer coat on wraps where no CP is used. This method extends the working time and allows for faster application. It also provides the strongest bond. 24 hours later a second unthinned coat of Flexcoat is used as the finish coat. The amount of acetone used for thinning must be exact based on the amount of epoxy being mixed, therefore there is too much room for error. I am a beleaver of following the Manufacturers' recommendations when using their products. Just learning how to mix the stuff correctly in the first place is difficult enough. It took me a while to get it right and yes I did get lucky on some earlier rods. Because so many things can contribute to poor epoxy finishes, I found it best to use the exact items suggested for mixing and don't try to cut corners.