Just a thought!
I'm a nymph fisherman who generally use a range of # 10-18's.
Some of my nymphs are unweighted,some with weighted lead underbodies and others with brass beads.
On occasion, I've placed # 4 split shot/s(size smaller than bb's) at the blood knot of my 5X tippet (4X section is above)
Once the split shots are clamped down they're pretty well toast if one has to revert back to to the original

How's this for an idea.....
  • Take a 3"-4" piece of 4X material and place two very small perfection loops at each end.
  • Then place one, two or three split shots at one end of the loop and clamp them down.
  • Simply connect the non split shot end to your leader.(I've also placed a small perfection loop to it)
  • Then connect your 5X tippet to the s.s. end using a uni knot,tippet ring or whatever.
  • When you decide to rid the setup of the shot, disconnect both ends and connect your tippet back to the perfection loop of your 4X section.
By using this setup, you can fine tune the rig and also go back and forth without loosing any s.s.
Tie up a 1/2 doz with 1,2, or 3 s.s.and place them in a small bag on your vest.
You don't have to fumble with the shot while on the river when it's cold and your fingers are numb.