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Thread: Older Metz necks

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    Default Older Metz necks

    I didn't know where to place this question but I'm at a loss as to the value of a full set ( 5 regular colors plus one Cree) of older Metz capes. All unused grade #2. They have been stored in sealed bags for about 15 years but obviously not up to the quality of present day genetic capes. Any comments?

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    In todays market I would say at least $45.00each

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    I really like my old Metz natural dun necks. Mine are probably over 20 years old now, well picked over in the smaller hackle sizes, and are all grade A, or #1, or whatever they called them.

    You could look on Ebay to get an idea of market value.


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    Should have sold them last year during the "craze".

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    Hi Ray,

    I spent some time on Ebay looking at capes like yours. When I looked, I did not include older Whiting/Hoffman type capes, which tend to sell for more, nor did I look at non-name brand capes.

    I looked at capes by Metz, and similar brands.

    Capes in like new shape, in natural colors like Ginger, dun, brown, griz, etc., which look good in the picture, aren't picked over or out, and are obviously a high quality cape, tend to go for around $30.

    Capes that are either picked out, are in an odd dyed color, have an odd shape, etc., go from a few bucks to may $10 or so.



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