Sorry for the delay, finally found time to destroy a couple of leaders.

Made 2 with rings and 2 with Shorb Loops on the tippet end. The Shorb Loop leaders broke at 8.5 and 9 pounds of force. The ringed leaders broke at 12 and 13 pounds of force.

My standard thread was used for the test...the same thing that I make all my thread leaders with. Leader length was 5 feet...again a standard length that I make, use and sell.

Is this a scientific test? NO!! Many more leaders will have to be tested before I or anyone can come to a concrete conclusion. My theory is that a Schorb loop puts a direct strain on the 3 strands of thread and the Larks Head Knot used to attach the ring protects the 3 strands. Again, this is only a theory, more testing will have to be done.