Jack, etal, I will retire to the Dungeon and make a couple of leaders with Schorb loops and a couple with rings and see what happens. I can tell you that the rings I use are very strong. I have tested them by tying 2 pieces of 20# test mono to them and pulling with the force gauge. In all tests, the 20# mono broke before the ring. I never did break a ring...deformed a few, but never broke. The mono broke in the mono itself, not the knot, and at least at 20# of force.

The only reason I decided to get a force gauge and test the leaders is that my customers were wanting to know the breaking strength of the leaders I make. I can tell you that I have tested several other people's leaders and they over estimate the strength of their leaders. But if it works for them and they are happy, happy, that is all that matters.