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    Had some time to fish on this past trip. One day was all jacks. They're fun to catch and they pull hard. Got a stingray, also. About 3 feet across. Took about 20 minutes before I even knew what it was. It was just a slow tug of war game. Got it up on the beach and thankfully the hook came loose. I wasn't really looking forward to playing with it.

    Got back a week later and only had about two hours of light left. Fifteen minutes in a small bone hit. Only 17" but it made my day. It got better. Got three more. Two were the same size, one went about three pounds. Lost two and missed a couple. It was kind of an accident because I was throwing a streamer in 4-6' of water. Had to untangle a line loop and it hit bottom and the little booger nailed it. Repeated and they would hit. I'd rather be lucky than good!!!! Beautiful fish. Almost pure silver. I didn't have my camera because I have a tendency to drop them in the water. Got one of the beach and one of my new favorite "bonefish" fly though. Both times I had the whole place to myself.

    IMG_0189.jpg IMG_0234.jpg
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