Well, I spent all of last week fishing a delayed harvest section of Pine Creek near Slate Run, PA. All I can say is WOW. Had five great days of sight fishing to rising Brown trout. Great caddis hatches in the morning (really more like blizzards!) followed by some of the best March Brown hatches I've ever seen, with dozens of fish rising within easy casting distance.

The folks in that area plant this section with some great quality Browns and while we never caught any huge fish, we caught more 14"-18" fish than I had ever hoped for.

The stream conditions were perfect for spot and stalk fishing to very agressively feeding fish. I had hoped to fish some other areas along this drainage but the fishing was so good so we just couldn't talk ourselves into leave it! The weather was great, my only complaint was it was too sunny.

I'll post some pic over the next day or two.

If you're in the area or looking for a place to fish in PA, I HIGHLY recommend checking this river out.