This last weekend my son, John Ryan, and I were working the RSFF Booth at Orvis Days in Baton Rouge. We were privileged to meet Bob Boese as he was tying some 2 minute foam bass bugs. Bob introduced us to this site and I'm glad we have found it. Our conversation turned to a "popper and a dropper" which I had tried, half heartedly, on a couple of occasions. Yesterday evening I decided to fish some deeper waters - from my kayak - and STICK with the program. The results were amazing. I caught numerous large bream and about a 11" or 12" bass. Unfortunately, I did have a much larger fish that got off in the grass. I'm not sure how big it was - but it sure gave me a tussle on the 6 weight I was using.

So hats off to Bob for the Popper and Ray for the Black Boudreaux........ a winning combination. Only 7.5 hours until the yak is headed for the local pond again!

Bob - if you read this - please PM me. I'm interested in tying some Indestructible Shrimp for the next RSFF Fly Tying Meeting.