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Okay, now that I'm done to a crutch sometimes, I need/want to get going on my rod rebuild. Thanks to you folks, I soaked the butt end, in a baggie, in hot water and was able to get the reel seat off in good order. I did find that waiting about 10 minutes after soaking helped. A little, I say little, twisting helped also. So, now:
A. To replace guides - single or double foot?

B. Take off a guide and then replace, one at at time?

C. Can I redo the rod blank? That is, change the color, spiff it up a bit?

D. Tip top, leave it or try to remove it and out another on?

Thanks all, I promise to post pictures as I go along.


My preference is for double-foot guides, but it matters little, single or double.
If I'm going to replace one guide I'd replace them all. You may as well do it all on the first go.
I always use large loop tip top guides because I prefer them.
As far as painting a rod, I've never done it, but there are guys who have and can advise you as to the process.