so why would Simms sell waders that they know are crap? There are a lot of other wader brands out there. I have a pair of Simms wading boots which I like very well but were not my first choice. They happened to be the only size 14 boots available when I needed to buy them. Again, they are very nice, but not the only choice. Simms stuff is expensive to the point that they shouldn't be selling stuff which their own people don't like. What does that say from a marketing point of view? To me, it means I won't buy Simms waders even if I could afford them. I have a set of Cabela's 5-layer breathables which have stood up to much abuse for 2 seasons now, dry as the day they were new, lifetime warranty (common sense, as stated), that cost half of what comparable Simms cost, AND they were available in "tall" as a standard item, not special order. I don't care what sticker or label is on my waders. I care that they are good quality for a fair price.