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Thread: REPEAT TRY - Panfish - May 6, 2013

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    Default REPEAT TRY - Panfish - May 6, 2013

    It is a week later. I have tied up a few other flies and want to try them on those short strikers. I don't very often hit a pond twice in a row, but I want to know if my experiments will work on the fish.

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    Default Editors Comments:

    Editors Comments at the bottom of this weeks Panfish Article by Rick Zieger states "Rick is a prolific writer and I have a file full of his material. Some of these articles are from late last [2012] summer."

    I have all the articles from FAOL Archives for most of the sections in the FAOL Archives, 31 Members of FAOL have written 601 Panfish Articles for FAOL. My current count of Rick Zieger "Panfish" articles is 390 Panfish Articles for FAOL.

    I know there are a large group of FAOL Members who fly fish for panfish, and FAOL is always open to new writers...

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