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    I agree with all the statements made above. With respect to the different rod choices now available in the US., I believe Chris's following little essay really hits the nail on the head:

    While the variety of terrain and fishing waters available in Japan is much more limited compared to what we have available here to us in the US, the fishing tackle the Japanese fishermen use is a lot more detailed and dedicated to specific targeted fish species and water types than we American anglers commonly use, and it is much more complicated than the view of Tenkara fly fishing we have been presented with from the major promotor of the sport in this country. And I also believe American Tenkara anglers should make Tenkara fly fishing what ever they want it to be to match their fishing conditions, fishing waters (be they warm stillwaters or slow warm water streams and rivers, or cold water lakes and streams and rivers), and all the various fish species found in this country. Make Tenkara fly fishing what ever you want and need it to be for your own enjoyment. Let the Japanese maintain their traditions and let us expand and develop our own set of American Tenkara traditions. But if people here want to import and maintaine the Japanese traditions of Tenkara fly fishing in this country, that's their choice and a perfectly valid choice as well. Its your fishing, do it your way but do not maintaine that your way is the only "right way to Tenkara fish".
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