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Thread: REMEMBRANCES OF JC - Neil - May 6, 2013

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    "JC"... They don't make that model anymore. He was a cocky, crotchety ole fly flinger. He was just right!

    My favorite was a post he made instructing a member with a distance casting problem. The guy couldn't get it. JC finally jumps into the discussion and yelps..."QUIT CASTING LIKE A GIRL !!!!!...I think he did some duckin' and runnin" and "cringin' " for that comment.

    The post:....One last resort. Get mad. Really mad. At yourself, fate, casting in general, whatever. Decide you will cast so hard that you will destroy the &%$# rod on the next cast. You will 'make' the leader sizzle on the way past your ear. Stand up straight. Stop the ^%$# rod. Quit babying the fly rod! Hit it! Quit casting like a girl! Step up to it. Either you can cast or you can't; which will it be? Start listening for the backing knot to rip through the guides like a machine gun. A double-haul is never in progress. Either you can or not.

    When the news was posted to the board about his death I said to myself: "geez"..."why", and shook my head in disbelief.

    Any guy that can eat some "Lutefisk" (even if they don't like it) is ok in my book.

    Thanks Neil.
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