Today WarrenP, Popperfly and I had the privilege of fishing with some of the most beautiful women a man could meet. Through a "Pre-Arrangement we were to meet them at the pond on Arrowhead Ranch in Normandy, TN at 9:30 am this morning. We spent the morning catching Blue Gills and Cat Fish with 13 "Casting for Recovery" ladies. The Duck River was pretty much blown out so we opted for the pond. I was assigned to guide "Vickie" a wonderful lady from Franklin TN. She was a fisherman so did know when she had a bite but it took a few LDR's for her to learn what to do with a fly rod! I think she did catch the biggest Blue Gill of the day!! The fish were in close so Vickie was having a tough time getting enough line back out to make another roll cast and we had a few good laughs over getting her left and right hand to work in unison. We did go down to the river around noon and let them wade out about calf deep and Vickie turned on like a Pro!! She was making backhand casts up stream and roll cast across like she had been doing it for years!! I showed her how to make an upstream mend an boom I had a soon to be great fly fisher!! Warren, Kevin and I fished with some real hero's today and will be looking forward to the next time. It was a hoot guys, glad you were there to share it!!