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Thread: Tying on tippet ring: help needed.

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    Default Tying on tippet ring: help needed.

    I'm trying to tie on a tippet ring. What a hassle. Does anyone have an easy way to thread the tippet through them? They're too small too hold. Once they are threaded, I guess the best knot to use is a uni knot. I'm just wondering if the rings are worth all the hassle.



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    Keep it on the wire it comes on and gently slide the tippet material through the opening, use the one that comes off the wire FIRST...on the water, I use the flip down magnifiers 'cause without them, I am lost...

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    They do come in different sizes, but, yes, the small ones are hard to handle. I generally prefer the somewhat larger ones (3mm) and use them at the end of the taper section of my leader. I thread the end of my leader through the ring and then hold the ring with a dubbing needle while I knot the leader to the ring. Once you have the ring attached to your leader, you have a "handle" so adding tippet to the ring is easier. I use an improved clinch knot, but suppose a unit knot or whatever you prefer for attaching tippet to fly would be fine too.

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    You could use your fly tying bobbin threader or a regular sewing needle threader. Push threader through the ring, stick the end of your tippet into the threader and pull it through the ring. Just a thought.....
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    I keep all my tippet rings on a safety pin. That makes it an easy process to put tippet through and tie the uni knot.
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    Thanks so much for your help.

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    Randy ... just a question .... why isn't the tippet ring attached to a furled leader? They thread up really easy .... . (OK .... someone had to be the smart patutie!)
    Seriously though ... do you need a furled leader? I have heard about people on this very board who make/furl some pretty kewl leaders!!
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