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Thread: Fished the Eastern Sierras around Bishop, CA

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    Default Fished the Eastern Sierras around Bishop, CA

    I went to Bishop this week to chase trout. Mostly interested in the water situation. Fishing was good. Caught about 30 trout in 3 days. I've done better but it wasn't bad. What's bad is there was very little runoff from snow. Oh, there's still some snowpack, but not much. I'm thinking the LAliens are going to have brown golf courses and empty swimming pools this summer.

    This is the dam at South Lake. This is inside where the water is supposed to be. I didn't take pictures at Lake Sabrina, but it looks even lower than South Lake. North lake was pretty full but it's a natural lake with no man made dam.

    This is where the water is now and what little snow there is above the lake. The cars parked on the middle left are where the boat docks are supposed to be.

    This is South Fork Bishop creek a few miles north of South Lake. It should be boiling through here with runoff.

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    The water content of what little snow there is in the Sierras is 17% of normal:


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