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    Default Spring Fishing TR

    Did some fishing, did some birding; burned up some dead dinosaurs along the way.

    Only fish pic I took. I don't have a waterproof camera, forgot my real cheap P & S, and this is the one I use for pics of flies. If you don't believe I caught some trout that may, may have hit 14", what can I say?

    On with the show

    70 degrees and sunny the day before, but a change in the weather is coming

    On the way out of Dodge, wanted to stop in, but they weren't open at 6:00 in the morning; cool place

    If you can get on it, pigs live here

    Taking the back road, stopped for a quick looksee; clear but rising, the drainages at about 115% snowpack

    No kidding - trees come right down to the road; I kept it about 10 mph below the limit, especially after T-boning one in October and totaling the van

    as if on cue

    it's been known to have some fish

    Teddy the K country

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