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    Hi All,

    I was getting ready to tie up some goldie type steamers in gold, and some other gold streamers as well, as per Ricks post on gold colored streamers for water that is not very clear and discovered that I had almost no gold colored materials of any size. I do have gold colored crystal chenille, but only in a tiny sizeand also have some gold wing and flash, but that's it.

    I also realized that I could not remember the name of the material that Rick uses to tie up the goldie pattern, and looked for a while in the warm water archives without success.

    What is the name of the material that Rick uses for Goldie? I think I remember the pattern well enough to tie it without seeing the instructions, but don't have the material, and can't remember the name.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Why, when I have boxes of fly tying material, does it seem I don't to have the right material to tie up the wanted pattern so I can fish it for the first time? (I can't be alone in this.) (Just got off the phone to friend Kevin, and he has the same problem, either doesn't have or can't find the needed material.)

    Thanks and regards,

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