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Thread: Early Winter in Auckland NZ

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    Default Early Winter in Auckland NZ

    My mate Matto phoned, could I get an afternoon off work at short notice to help carry on the trialing of his new salt-fly fishing boat? Took me about a nano second to say yes, then ask the boss! However the boss said yes so it was all go.
    We launched from the middle of town and found a work up of birds, Kahawai and Kingfish all eating anchovies and white bait within 5 minutes of launching.
    We drifted by the work up casting flies at the fish and getting hit by some lovely Kahawai, here is Brent hooked up with Auckland in the background.

    and the result.

    It was very exciting to see the fly being chased by two or three Kahawai at once before being smashed, these fish fight very hard and jump like crazy.

    I managed to hook and land a Kingfish of about 65cm, not big enough to be a legal keeper but I was letting them go anyway!
    If my mate sends me a copy of the pictures I will post one on here.
    Eventualy we decided to head out wide and fish for Snapper, after a few stops at variuos reefs we did manage a few pan sized Snapper, but by this time it was getting dark, so we headed back in to the harbor and had a look under the lights of the harbor bridge, Matto cast a fly to a fish seen swimming in the pool of light and was smashed by a good Kahawai

    A very nice fish to end the day.
    All the best.

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    Cool almost birthday fishies. Thanks for the report Mike, Nice to see Auckland's skyline again.
    I'm either going to, coming from or thinking about fishing. Jim

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