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Thread: NEWS FLASH: Orvis to Buy Ross & Scientific Anglers

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    I never knew that Orvis actually 'made' anything. I thought they just bought stuff and put their name on it. Almost all of my fly rods and reels are SA. I hope it's not going to be like Schwinn Bicycles. Instead of Pacific Cycles (China) making better low-end cycles, they now make really cheap, shoddy Schwinns to sell in Walmart. I hope Orvis will come out with better SA equipment, rather than put the SA and Orvis name on cheap Asian-made junk. We already have South Bend for that (my first fly rod....).

    Actually, Orvis has been making fly rods in Manchester, VT since 1856 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orvis

    he SA rods you own are made somewhere in Asia, and many of them are sold in the big box stores.

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    I understand that "known devils are better than unknown devils," but why should anybody assume that SciAnglers wouldn't be better off under a company with a flyfishing heritage than under a multinational company specializing adhesivies, abrasivies, laminates, dental products, medical producst, car care products, electronic products, optical films and, of course, Post-It Notes?

    The former Minnesota, Manufacturing and Mining has manufacturing operations in 65 countries.

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    Orvis started in Manchester, Vermont making bamboo rods. At their pinacle they made two models, the Battenkill and the Madison (I think). They still make rods there and have tours of the facility. At least they did a couple years ago.To my disappointment, their fly tying materials activity is minimal now .

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