From my Facebook page:

"Well what a week for me. Went to work Thursday and by later that evening I was in the Hospital at Sunbury fighting for my life! I was not feeling the best when I left for work in the wee hours of Thursday morning, almost turned around to come home, but continued on to work. Started feeling better until noon when I started getting sick really fast! Thought it was the sub I ate at lunch but it would turn out to be much more.

I got the diarrhea really bad at work. Really getting very ill fast now so the boss sent me home early. Work and home are 45 miles apart but my doctor is halfway in between the two so Amy calls the doctor for me. Doc tells me to come right in and I did make it to their parking lot but no further. Soon as I opened the car door I began to violently vomit. I got the heaves to let up so I just drove home. I got home and had it coming out both ends at the same time in large amounts. When I finally got out of the bathroom I was sitting on the couch with nothing on, wrapped up in old sheets, violently retching into a garbage can.

Amy kept wanting to call the EMS but I refused. I don't remember much about that but she said my answers to her questions were not making any sense. I was delirious. I remember begging the Lord for help then I heard this loud, deep, commanding voice tell me to let her call 9-1-1, let her call them. Good thing she did too. During the ambulance ride to Sunbury the retching and runs stopped because my body had flat run out of fluid. My heart rate soared, BP dropped and kidneys shut down! They maxed out my oxygen and went full lights and sirens to the hospital. I won't ever argue with Amy again if she thinks I need the Hospital!

Renal failure really ain't no fun folks! The ER put me on the rapid infuse which I stayed on for several hours or so it seemed. I think that was at about 6pm Thursday. My memory is kind of sketchy. Like I was moving in and out of a fog but I remember being hot, then the ER nurse wrapped me in wet towels also asking for ice chips and being denied until my labs came back. I remember talking to Amy and Gary then being put in my room. I was told that between the time I hit the ER and my room no less than 5 bags of fluids had been forced into me. Early Friday morning during my little bit of sleep my body let go another bout of the runs. I woke up in the middle of a mess. The nurses helped me get cleaned up, showered while the custodians cleaned my bed.

All day Friday literally every 10-15 minutes it was run to the toilet. So much fluid being passed that way that I could even pee. Additional labs came back negative Friday afternoon. There is a type of bacteria that is deadly if they give you something to stop the diarrhea. When my labs came back negative for that bug they finally gave me some Imodium. I was able to hold down my food. Saturday was spent laying in bed recovering and today I came home.

I am exhausted but I am alive. The Hospital staff told me that I could easily have died since my kidneys had shut down. The staff of the Sunbury Community Hospital and the Liverpool EMS really saved my life. I am convinced of it. Doc says I suffered form the effects of a virus, dehydration, diabetes all coming together that shut my kidneys down. Praise God for the first responders, doctors, nurses, Amy, and all who intervened. They saved my life.


Some will call me a "Drama Queen" as before on this board. So be it. They too shall get their own medicine one day. To those who genuinely care I say thank you! I am at home now recovering.Very hoarse voice, sore throat and sore abdominal muscles from all of the vomiting. Feel like a limp rag doll, exhausted but oh so glad to be alive.

God Bless,