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Thread: The 'Invisible' Micro-Drag

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    Mr. Juracek told me he did not see the fly dragging either with the 5X tippet so he used the 6Xr tippet to correct for the drag.

    Think of all the specialty casts and mends there are. The reach mend, the parachute cast, S cast, curve cast, curve mend, pile cast, puddle cast, tuck cast, etc. They all have one purpose. To reduce drag.

    When we have the right fly (I know that is a big if), I believe the number one reason for refusal is drag. I believe a fish that is inches away from a floating fly can see drag that we cannot see from 30 feet.

    The readers can decide what is the more reasonable. That fish are able to detect drag that we cannot or that we can always detect drag regardless of the conditions.
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