Gene Hill said that "nymphing...with a bobber ("strike indicator" indeed!) has little to do with real fly fishing." Well, apparently Gene never cast for pan fish in a 30mph Kansas wind like I was trying to do last night! The water was choppy; there's no way I would ever have seen a hit; would have had to have been a strong hookup I could feel. Not the best conditions but I was determined to get out there; did manage a nice bluegill and a small bass, and had a couple of hits that I missed.

Anyway, I was using my 7wt and one of those thingamabobbers, and my question is, how the heck do you keep those things from sliding down the leader? I was trying to fish my fly at about 24" but after a couple of casts I'd be down to 12" or less.

I looked on line and there's a guy with a youtube video showing how to attach it (same as I did); he said his slips too so he sticks a tootpick in to hold it; that seems like a pain to me. I see they now make them with a little attached plug that goes in the hole. I guess I'll go back to my twist-on indicators, although the rubber seems to break on those after a while.