Decided on spur of the moment to go to private pond yesterday and I am glad I did. Had to fish from bank casting into wind but one of the best days ever flyfishing. I caught 18 hybrid bream and 23 lmb. The largest bream was not counting fins, from belly to top of back 6 1/2 inches and 9 3/4 inches long. Did not throw back any of hb and to take the hook out on all of them(I was sitting on a dove stool) I had to lay the hb on my leg cause I could not get hands aroung any of them. I kept all of the hb and 8 of the lmb and made for some good filets for supper. Caught most of them on the furled yarn black leech(I think that is the correct name). Rick I hope I gave the correct name for the fly. Sorry for bragging but I just had to share with you all. Yes I did get several wind knots and ruined a furled thread leader it was still worth it. If the urge hits you to go ff, then go for it. Tite lines to all of you. mathcarver