Live Release Video gains 8,107 views
Released a week ago, the Live Release video sponsored by ASF, FQSA and the Quebec Government has had more than 8,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo in English, and on YouTube in French. If you haven't already seen it, check out this 7 min. video.

Limited Striped Bass Fishery in Miramichi area
DFO announced on Friday a limited STRIPED BASS fishery, from May 1 to May 15 in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. This species was at a low point around 2000 and received protection, but in the past few years evidence has mounted of high population numbers - resulting in large numbers of salmon smolts being eaten. DFO will also undertake research on the Striped Bass.

Miramichi Conservationist Receives Top Conservation Award
Mark Hambrook is receiving ASF's prestigious Happy Fraser Award for his exceptional leadership in conserving wild Atlantic salmon. Read more

Salmon Being Killed on Petitcodiac
John Bagnall, President of the New Brunswick Salmon Council, asks all anglers to be aware of the salmon in this newly reopened river, and to support the restoration of a salmon run.

Kelly Cove Salmon Guilty of Two Charges Related to Lobster Death
Kelly Cove Salmon, the "growout" subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture, was found guilty of two charges of using illegal pesticides. Read more:

To examine the actual final court documents, they can be downloaded as small pdfs