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Thread: Goldie Jr update

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    Default Goldie Jr update

    Went to the program by the Wilsons, at SowBug, on their new book about crappie.
    One stament made was that gold color worked than silver color in dirty water.
    Tried it yesterday and I think it is true.
    Had a couple huge gills really swallow the gold fly.
    Might want to try it and let me know if it works better for you.


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    Hi Rick,

    I am in the process of tying up some simple steamers the spring fishing that is now started. Now I am adding a few of gold ones to the list. Thanks for the good word and advise. It is much appreciated.

    Looking at how many folks have read your post, I would guess that several of the rest of us are adding some gold streamers as well.

    Thanks and regards,


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